Cultural Institution of the City of Kielce

Art classes

under the direction of Barbara Żelazna, where young artists learn basic artistic terms and styles and, thanks to their imagination and ingenuity, discover the colorful world of art.
✏️Registration and information:
Dom Kultury Zameczek, Kielce, ul. Słowackiego 23
Tel. 41 367 63 01

Barbara Żelazna

An instructor, artist, painter, and special education teacher, for many years he has been carrying out a number of activities at the Zameczek Cultural Center aimed at raising and educating the young generation through artistic activities. He pursues his artistic passions with his students. During classes, you can discover the secrets of acrylic and watercolor painting, painting on glass or porcelain, and learn how to create your own fashion creations using wet and dry felting, embroidery, jewelry making, and other decorative items. A wide range of artistic activities makes the workshops unique and extremely creative. The classes ensure artistic development, the acquisition of the ability to use many techniques and combine them, the development of creativity, a great atmosphere and a broad smile of the instructor. Her studio will accommodate children, teenagers and adults.

Małgorzata Matan

Instructor of art classes at DK Zameczek and OK Ziemowit. A graduate of the Kielce Art School (major: Artistic painting and gilding techniques). Master’s studies: Artistic Education, specialization: Easel painting at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Art of the Świętokrzyska Academy (diploma with honors in the studio of Prof. Ewa Pełka). She participated in the training: Basics of art therapy and creativity training at the Psychoeducation and Therapy Studio in Bielsko-Biała. She took part in international Land-art workshops during the “Rivers and Tides” Art Workshops in Scheersberg (Germany) and performance workshops at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
Other activities

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