Cultural Institution of the City of Kielce

Photography classes

under the supervision of instructor Marcin Michalski. Classes on the basics of photography, photographic techniques, photo processing, photomontage using professional photographic and computer equipment and work in a photographic studio. The courses will be conducted in small groups, which allows the topics to be tailored to the skills of each participant.

In program:

  • basics of photography
  • photo processing
  • photomontage
  • digital drawing and painting
  • additionally, work in a photography studio with professional studio equipment


✏️Registration and information:
Dom Kultury Zameczek, Kielce, ul. Słowackiego 23
Tel. 41 367 63 01

Marcin Michalski

A versatile artist, a graduate of “Plastic Arts” in Kielce and studies in artistic education in the field of fine arts with specialization in small sculptural forms at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Art at the Jan Kochanowski University. On a daily basis, he works as an instructor at the “Zameczek” Cultural Center in Kielce, running photography and computer graphics studios and photography workshops. Participant of many collective and individual exhibitions. He creates using media as diverse as sculpture, photography, painting, and video. Member of the informal group Kwiatki w Concrete and organizer of social and artistic activities, including: “Gożdzikdla Sztuki”, “Summary of 5 years of the Kwiatki w Concrete campaign 2012-2017” and open-air photography events, among others. “Towns” series. His paintings in an abstract form present a fascination with being in space, his photographs touch on a variety of topics, from landscape and porter to theater and concert photography.
Other activities

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