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AUDITIONS September 7 in Zameczek!

Individual vocal classes in the field of voice emission, phonation, articulation, work on diction and the basics of homerecording. The studio also offers group classes.

✏️Registration and information:
Dom Kultury Zameczek,
Kielce, ul. Słowackiego 23
Tel. 41 367 63 01

Julia Waglewska

I am a singer and vocal instructor. I graduated with a degree in artistic education in the field of musical art. I have experience working with both children and adults. I have been associated with music from an early age, when I took my first steps at the First Level Music School in Skarżysko-Kamienna. My greatest musical passion is singing. On stage, I love subtleties and acoustic sounds, I like to cover old hits and remake them in my own style. I approach my classes and students holistically, it’s not like I teach in a mix and match – I approach each person individually because singing is closely related to our psyche and to help someone vocally, knowledge of the technique is not enough, the real art lies deeper.

Magdalena Surma

Vocal instructor, Song Studio. The Studio’s vocal classes program includes issues related to healthy voice emission, song analysis and interpretation, diction and ear training. We also discuss the issues of stage presence, working with a microphone, and dealing with stage fright, which are equally important for young artists. Classes for children and teenagers are conducted by Magdalena Surma – Master of Arts, teacher, vocalist, teacher of music and music classes, graduate of the Institute of Music Education in Kielce (speciality: stage singing). The teacher participated in many courses and workshops closely related to vocal studies, organized, among others, by the MIX Vocalists Association. He shares his passion for music with commitment and joy. It teaches conscious listening to music, appropriate selection of repertoire, and encourages and inspires students to create their own musical pieces.
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