Artistic photography and photography with computer graphics

ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOGRAPHY WITH COMPUTER GRAPHICS under the supervision of instructor Marcin Michalski. Classes on the basics of photography, photographic techniques, photo processing, photomontage using professional photographic and computer equipment and work in a photographic studio. The courses will be conducted in small groups, which allows the topics to be tailored to the skills […]

Arts Atelier with Barbara Żelazna

ARTS ATELIER under the direction of Barbara Żelazna, where young artists learn basic artistic terms and styles and, thanks to their imagination and ingenuity, discover the colorful world of art.

Guitar Studio with Piotr Restecki

Individual guitar learning workshops for beginners and advanced students under the guidance of artist, virtuoso and instructor Piotr Restecki. We also invite guitarists interested in developing their skills, who want to expand their musical horizons and learn the secrets of fingerstyle.

Dance classes with Kamila Marzec

DANCE SCHOOL We invite you to dance classes with Zameczek instructor Kamila Marzec: DANCE FITNESS BALLROOM DANCE, BEGINNING GROUP, DANCE FORMATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE The classes are aimed at motor development by combining various dance techniques such as ballroom dancing, hip-hop, jazz or modern dance with fun.

Breakdance classes NEW SEASON 2023/24

NEW RECRUITMENT BREAKDANCE SECTION NEW SEASON 2023/24 led by instructor Kamil Moskwa We invite children from 6 years of age to BREAKDANCE HIPHOP classes. Classes will be held on Mondays at 5 p.m

Breakdance and Hip Hop

BREAKDANCE and HIP-HOP section – Instructor Kamil Moskwa We invite everyone who wants to start their adventure with BREAK DANCE or those who want to continue it to classes at Słowackiego Street. Zameczek has been a place bustling with Hip Hop, especially Break Dance, since the 1990s. Participants of the Classes – Children and Youth […]

Dancing classes

MONDAY:16:00-17:00 DANCE AND MOVEMENT CLASSES FOR CHILDREN AGED 4-6 – including both dance elements and general development exercises 17:00-18:00 DANCE FITNESSClasses combining fitness and dance, during which we strengthen our muscles and burn a large amount of calories. Registration:CULTURAL CENTER “ZIEMOWIT” branch of the Cultural Center “Zameczek”street Mieszka I 79, 25-342 KielceSecretariat: 41 345 20 […]

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