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Meeting with the traveler Tomasz Tułak – Ethiopia and its secrets – Photo report

, godz. 18.00

We invite you to a wonderful meeting with an extraordinary traveler, Tomasz Tułak, who has visited many corners of the world. During the meeting you will learn everything about Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa region. We’ll see you on November 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Zameczek Community Center. Free entrance

ETHIOPIA: SUNNY ABYSSINIA, DANAKIL AND THE SOUTH TRIBES Sunny Abyssinia (currently Ethiopia) is an extraordinary land that has been seducing travelers for years with its beautiful green landscapes and extraordinary culture. Exotic birds, carpets of colorful flowers, spectacular mountains, or simply breathtaking nature create the wonderful scenery of the entire trip to Ethiopia. During our show, we will visit the Semien Mountains, see the Blue Nile waterfall and the Tigray highlands, and the landscape culmination will be Danakil. A stay in the spectacular Danakil Desert, where from the edge of the crater of the active Erta Ala volcano we will admire lava erupting with golden sparks, we will walk through Venusian formations of sulfur springs, and we will rest our tired feet in a salt lake. In addition to the nature found nowhere else, Ethiopia is also an extremely rich and historically and culturally interesting country. We will see Orthodox churches, both those in cities and those less accessible, located in remote mountain regions. We will learn interesting facts related to the founding of churches in Lalibela and Gondar. For balance, we also included a bit of Muslim (Harer) and pre-Christian (Axum, Tiya) climate. Finally, we will see the famous tribes of the Omo Valley. We will be in the villages of Hamer, Dessanecze, Mursi, Konso and Dorze. During the show, we will learn about all the most important cultural and natural attractions of the Ethiopian land. We will hear about the traditional coffee ceremony, chat leaves, and local cuisine. Although traveling around the country is demanding, any bus or climbing hardships are always richly rewarded by what awaits us at our destination. I know from experience that among many African countries, Ethiopia is the dream of many travelers fascinated by the legendary Dark Continent – still mysterious and extremely beautiful.

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