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Polish Impressions Concert of the Luka Mazur Quartet – Photo raport

, godz. 19.00

The Zameczek Cultural Center invites you to a concert entitled “Polish Impressions” by the Luka Mazur Quartet, which will take place on December 8 at 7 p.m. Admission is free. “Polish Impressions” is another – next to “Świętokrzyskie Impressions” – project of the Luka Mazur Quartet inspired by folklore. This time we are going on a musical journey through various regions of Poland, and we will be accompanied by Maja Wojtaszek, who will sing such hits as “Czerwone jabłuszko”, “W moja ogrórdecku” or “Karolinka”. And all this in traditionally non-obvious, innovative arrangements. The team consists of: Maja Wojtaszek – vocals Michael Jones – violin, viola, percussion instruments Max Kowalski – electric double bass Kuba Mazur – drums Luka Mazur – piano, keyboards, arrangements

Registration and information: Dom Kultury Zameczek, Kielce, ul. Słowackiego 23, tel. 41 367 63 01
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