Cultural Institution of the City of Kielce

Rafał Gęborek’s concert

, godz. 18.00

🔥The inauguration of the artistic season will begin with a musical meeting with the excellent trumpeter 🎺Rafał Gęborek, which will take place on September 8 at ⌚️5:40 p.m.

This will be a great event ☺!
❤️ Welcome! – Free entrance

🏵Rafał Gęborek, performing under the artistic pseudonym “Rafcox”, a trumpeter, culture manager, processes and loops his live sound during a concert, creating a multi-voice musical space. Consciously and modestly, he creates an intimate and unique atmosphere. After the experience of playing with many artists, in 2015 he debuted with his own music under his own name #Rafcox.
He has already released three original albums:
📀“Sound Designer” 2015
📀“DIY” 2020 Grain Database.
📀“Isolation” 2021 Grain Database

Registration and information: Dom Kultury Zameczek, Kielce, ul. Słowackiego 23, tel. 41 367 63 01
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